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Wireless X7 X8 Sauna Slimming Belt

Wireless X7 X8 Sauna Slimming Belt

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Experience the ultimate slimming and toning results with the Wireless X7 X8 Sauna Slimming Belt. Utilizing intelligent vibration technology, this device targets and eliminates fat in the waist and abdomen area. Say goodbye to lazy weight loss and hello to a more toned and fit physique.

Enhance blood flow, alleviate muscle fatigue, and reduce stiffness and pain with the Wireless X7 X8 Sauna Slimming Belt. This electric heating and vibrating massager is designed for slimming and weight loss, making it a must-have for those looking to improve their overall wellness. With its scientific and objective approach, this device can effectively increase circulation and provide relief for tired muscles.


size: 29.8*13.8*13cm

-The new X7 charging model There are 7 motors and 33 magnets

-The new X8 charging model There are 8 motors and 42 magnets

Voltage: 110/220V

Main functions :

1. Lose weight

2. Increase metabolism

3, Improve blood circulation

4. Relieve tired muscles

5, Help to reduce stiffness pain

6. Relieve tense muscles and restore elasticity

7, often the belt can be beneficial to the waist, cervical vertebrae, hips, knees, hands and legs, thighs, shoulders and so on

Usage Method

1. fasten the safety belt on the body and adjust the tightness

2. Please connect the power supply to the assigned power adapter, and then connect the AC head of the adapter to the belt jack

3. Press the on/off control switch, and then select the strength

4. The product can be directly inserted into the 12V smoking socket of the car

Do not use in these cases:

1, the use of pacemaker patients, or metal implants in bone

2, pregnant women

3, within 6 months after surgery

4, menstrual bleeding is too much for the women

5. Patients should consult a doctor for use

Matters needing attention

1, after use if you feel itchy, sweaty or numb don't worry, this is the normal reaction after a certain amount of time to disappear. Do not use the appliance with sharp appliances. Drink a glass of warm water after using the massage belt.

2. Please turn off the power supply after use, and keep the product damp and hot. Electrical appliances can only be wiped on the surface with a damp cloth, and should not be washed with water.

3. Rest for at least 2-3 hours after 40min minutes of continuous use of the machine, which will prolong the life of the belt.

4, do not arbitrarily remove the structure of the belt, such as magnets and vibration motors, careless people will be destroyed.

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