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Massage Gun

Massage Gun

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The ultimate tool for muscle relaxation. The message gun with its powerful percussive technology, this device delivers fast and effective relief to tired and sore muscles. Improve circulation and decrease muscle tension, perfect for athletes and anyone looking for rejuvenation and recovery.

Through extensive research and development, the size of the massage gun has been reduced to that of a mobile phone, making it lightweight and compact.

This massage gun has a powerful 24W brushless motor that can reach speeds of 3200, helping to eliminate lactic acid and fatigue from exercise. With dual bearings, it provides stable force and a smooth, quiet experience for optimal movement.

Massage for 10 minutes per day for about 30 days.


1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation

2. Don't hit your joints

3. Not all parts are suitable for use

4. Babies, minors, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, people with fractures, and people with metal in their bodies should not use it


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