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Electric EMS Foot Massager

Electric EMS Foot Massager

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The Electric EMS Foot Massager provides pain relief, relaxation, and acupoint massage through muscle stimulation. It also helps to improve blood circulation for overall foot health.

Engage in foot therapy, massage, and acupuncture point stimulation with the EMS intelligent foot massage machine. Made of high-quality leather, this product effectively relieves pain and reduces fatigue. Utilizing low frequency pulse (EMS) technology, it stimulates the muscles in your feet and legs, increases blood flow, and promotes relaxation.

The Difference Between Type A/Type B/Type C/Type D/Type E/Type G:
Type A : Button Type
Type B: Remote Control
Type C: Button Type + Electrode Patch × 2
Type D: Remote Control + Electrode Patch × 2
Type E: Button Type + Electrode Patch × 4
Type F: Remote Control + Electrode Patch × 4
Type G: Remote Control× 1+ Foot Massager× 1+ Body Massager × 1+Electrode Patch × 4
Type H: Remote Control× 1+ Foot Massager× 1+ Body Massager × 1
(1) Low Frequency EMS Pulse Technology
Electrical Muscle Stimulation current is conducted to the skin, and by activating the cells of the human body, it prevents soreness caused by muscle stiffness. Promotes blood circulation and relaxes the feet.

(2) Smart Acupoint Capture
Through accurate acupoint massage, it will be more comfortable experience.

(3) 8 Massage Modes & 19 Levels Intensity
Beating mode, Massage mode, Stimulation mode, Training mode, Kneading mode, Shaping mode, Squeezing mode, Tapping mode, plus 19 Levels intensity, users can choose different intensities according individual needs,you will be more effective massage for feet.

(4) Light Weight & Portable
A soft and comfortable foot pad, lightweight, foldable, easy to carry anywhere.You can have a little relaxing Therapy wherever you go.

(5) Relax muscles, improve blood circulation
Unlike the existing general massaging devices that only rub the outside of the muscles, massager uses to stimulate the inside of the muscles as well, helps relieving tiredness, relaxing muscles, burning enhance the blood circulation effectively for quick recovery from fatigue.
(6) USB Charging
The main unit is installed on the Foot Mat or charged separately in the main unit.

Packing List:
1* Foot Mat
1* Main Engine
1* USB Charging Cable
1* English User Manual

Must read before use:
First snap the main unit to the foot pad
1. When the product is not in contact with the conductor, it will automatically shut down within 10 seconds after it is turned on. (Be careful not to run out of power)
2. When using the product, put both bare feet on the foot pad at the same time, the product can work normally, otherwise it will automatically shut down within 10 seconds (be careful not to run out of power)
3. The controller needs to increase the strength to work, otherwise the controller will automatically shut down within 10 seconds (note that it is not out of power)
4. During the use of the product, the feet cannot leave the foot pad, otherwise it will be turned off within 10 seconds (note that it is not out of power)
5. One stage of the product is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the product will automatically shut down, and you need to continue to turn it on.
6. The red light is on when the product is charging, and the red light is off when fully charged (generally, it will be fully charged in about 30 minutes when there is no electricity)
7. The use is barefoot, not socks, nylon socks can conduct electricity but affect the strength, pure cotton socks are not conductive
8. The foot pads cannot be washed with water
9.Patients who are being treated by a doctor and have abnormal pain in the body should consult the doctor before using: pregnant women, parturients; patients with heart, blood pressure, and cranial nerve abnormalities; patients with skin perception disorders or skin abnormalities; patients with acute diseases; patients who need rest; 14 Children under the age of one, etc.

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